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NOUN PHRASE CONSTRUCTION FOUND IN REPORT GENRES IN FIRST YEAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ TEXTBOOKS. Name: Diah Mawarni Ayuningsih. Final Project. English Department. Languages and Arts Faculty. Semarang State University

This thesis analyzes about types of Noun Phrase construction. Based on the Standar Isi, Senior High School students are hoped to get informational level. It means that the students are expected to create report texts. In creating text it is important to the students to know about the structure or grammar. Written text needs correctness of grammar, lexical density and also punctuation. To create a good report text which has lexical density students can do it by learning construction of noun phrase.

There are two problems of the study, (1) What types noun phrase construction are found in report genres in the first year Senior High School students’ textbooks?, and (2) What is the dominant kind of noun phrase constructions found in report genres in the first year Senior High School students’ textbooks?

As a source of data, the writer utilized three English textbook used in the first year Senior High School Students. They are “Link to The world” published by Yudhistira, “English Text in Use” published by CV Aneka Ilmu, and “English for a Better Life” published by Pakar Raya. The object of the study is report text in reading material. The writer chooses three texts only in every textbook. This research is designed as a qualitative research.

The results of the analysis are all textbooks which are analyzed use three types of noun phrase construction; they are Pre- Modifier + Head, Head + Post- Modifier, and Pre- Modifier + Head + Post- Modifier. And the most dominant type of Noun Phrase construction found in the three textbooks is Pre- Modifier + Head. It can be proven by seeing the percentage of it. It has 71% in book 1, 58% in book 2, and 64% in book 3.

By studying and analyzing noun phrase construction, the writer expects the noun phrase construction can be learnt more, especially in Senior High School Students, because they are in informational level. The writer also expects English teachers have to be careful in selecting and providing materials for their students, especially in choosing a good English textbook. For English textbook writer or publisher, they have to be able to provide and select material especially in selecting reading material. It means that the materials must be up date, appropriate with the curriculum and also can improve the students’ ability.

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