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Alam,Syamsul. 2012.The Grammatical Errors in Narative Texts Made by the Eight Graders at Laboratory Junior High School of State University of Malang. Sarjana thesis, English Language Teaching Program, Faculty of Letters, Undergraduate Program. State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Dra. Sri Widyawati, M.Ed. (II) Evynurul Laily Zen, S.S., M.A.

Key Words: grammatical error, narrative text.

Learning English becomes more and more important nowadays since  English is one of the international languages which can be used to communicate around the world. In Indonesia, English is learnt as a foreign language. Learning a different language is sometimes difficult since the target language has different elements compared to the native language. These differences sometimes cause students to make errors when using it.
In accordance with the standard competencies, one of genres of texts taught to the eighth grade students of Laboratorium junior high school is narrative text which is aimed at telling a story and, in doing so, entertains the audience. The purpose of a narrative, other than providing entertainment, can be to make the audience think about an issue, teach them a lesson, or excite their emotions. Therefore, the students of the eighth grade are expected to master this element well in order to be able to produce a piece of grammatical well-formed narrative writing. However, in learning language, the students cannot avoid themselves from making errors since it is regarded as a part of learning process.
This final project primarily dealt with grammatical error analysis. It described the grammatical errors on narrative texts made by the eight graders at SMP LABORATORY in the academic year of 2011/2012. The qualitative approach was used in which the data were obtained from the students’ narrative text writing. These writings were then analyzed to find the grammatical errors which finally divided into five groups. They were errors in the use of  tenses, articles, noun pluralization, pronouns, and conjunctions. The result showed that the students made 729 grammatical errors which were classified into 449 errors in producing tenses, 83 errors in the use of articles 75 errors in pluralization, 69 errors in the use of pronoun, and 53 errors in the use of conjunction. It can also be found that the possible causes of errors were overgeneralization and interference. It was suggested that the students still needed more practices dealing with those five errors since they were the basic knowledge needed for telling their past experiences.

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